My Sissy Training: Red Light Center

I discovered Red Light Center in the summer of 2013. I had recently turned fifty years old and having reached that milestone had all but accepted that I would never know life as a woman. I had never played any online role-playing games but I found three aspects of Red Light Center a bit intriguing. It catered to adults with a strong sexual theme. It allowed for transgender players. It offered income opportunities. Despite my lifelong preference for crossdressing, I have always been one who tends to follow the rules. So at sign up when I was presented with four options — male, female, transgender woman, transgender male, I selected transgender female as the one most appropriate to my gender. I played the game for two weeks as a free member which does not allow me to get naked or have sex.

When I upgraded to the paid membership, some friends I had made set me up with another transgender woman for my first sexual experience on the game. When I got naked I was really, really, really pleased with my body except for one thing — I still had a damn penis. Apparently, and this made total sense, when you sign up as a transgender woman or a transgender man, the default skin you will be given will be that which is best described as the body of a shemale. Over the years I had often fantasies about having the ‘surgery’ and getting rid of my penis and balls in favor of a pussy. I guess I was hopeful that as a transgender woman on the game I would be post-op rather than pre-op.

As mentioned I had also signed up for the game with the hope of earning a little side income. While there are several ways to earn income off of the game, the only one that I had the skills for was that of working girl. When I say ‘working girl,’ you should think whore or prostitute or hooker or any other term you may wish. It all boiled down to the same — I would fuck men for money. Or to be more precise I would fuck them for rays, the game’s equivalent for money. I would then be able to sell the rays back to the game and withdrawn what I had earned in dollars. Over the five years I have played the game I have earned almost $8,000 and withdrawn over $6000. I used the $2000 to pay for my monthly membership, buy clothes and homes and other incidentals of the game.

Transgender woman can do very well as working girls on the game. Men and women come onto the game to explore their sexual fantasies and this often includes exploring alternative lifestyles and sexual experiences. However after a couple of weeks I came to feel that being transgender was hampering my ability to earn maximum income as a working girl.  The tag line for the game is ‘Be Who You Want To Be.’  It finally occurred to me that I did not have to be a transgender woman on the game.  I wanted to be a woman so I could be a woman.  I bought myself a new skin, the skin of a woman, and changed out my gender on my profile.

Now that I was no longer a transgender woman, I could no longer be myself on the game.  I had to come up with a new identity.  I have lived  in Dallas for several years of my life.  I decided I would be a housewife with two boys living in Dallas, Tex.  My ‘husband’ was a minister who had lost interest in sex so I was turning to Red Light Center as a means of meeting my sexual needs.  Before long everyone I knew on the game with the exception of two friends knew me only as Roni the housewife, and not Roni, the transgender woman.

I played the game for over a year as the housewife.  I did end up leaving behind my career as a working girl as I developed other streams of income from the game.  Over this time, as mentioned, I was living my life as a woman.  My interactions with both men and women as well as transgender woman on the game was all shaped by their understanding that I was truly a woman.  I grew to like living my life as a woman.  Less than eighteen months after starting the game, I began transitioning.  I truly believe that I would not have done so if I had not grown so fond of life as a woman on the game.  I had decided who I wanted to be on the game and to a great extent that means I had decided who I wanted to be in real life.

In order to generate business as a working girl I needed some pics on my profile of a woman most men would want to fuck.  I found some pics that I used.  Check them out at Minister’s Wife Framed Pictures and Minister’s Wife Unframed Pictures.

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