When I first started crossdressing, it would be fair to say that I enjoyed the process of ‘dressing up’ more than the experience of being fully dressed. To a certain extent this was due to the anticipation factor — how much would I look like a girl once I was done? However on another level it was due to what I did when I was fully dressed up which was nothing.g

When I first started ‘dressing up,’ and I called it ‘dressing up’ as I was not familiar with the term crossdressing, I did everything I could do to make sure I was never caught.  So this meant staying behind locked doors and pulled curtains.  That was not enough for me and in time I would on the rare occasion venture out into our back yard or stand at my bedroom window that overlooked the street and sidewalk in front of our house.  However while these were more daring than I had been, in truth these acts were only marginally more exciting than what I  had been doing.

It was not until years later when I had a car and could begin to explore the world while dressed up that crossdressing became more about the experience of being dressed and seen and less about the act  of dressing up.  I never lost my love of the process of getting dressed however.  I simply found the whole experience more satisfying.

Of course the real explosion in my love of being dressed is when I started going out to club fully dressed.  One night when I went out I ended up getting laid for the first time as Veronica.  I have not been with a woman since I told cock  that first time.  Being with a woman would never compete with my desire to be with men.

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