It is my goal, even at this late point in my life to become a totally fuckable bad ass sissy whore. I am a woman. Some would say that I am a transgender woman as I was born male and now identify as a woman. However, I was ten years old the first time I put on a dress and knew instantly I would have been so much happier if I had been born a girl. Wearing a dress for the first time awaken me to my true gender identity, an identity that had developed over the first five or six years of my life. As I grew older, while I still regarded myself as a boy because everyone had been telling me for years that I was a boy, I did not want to grow up to be a man. I wanted to be a woman. So while I will not argue with those who would suggest I am a transgender woman, all I have ever wanted to be in this journey of mine is a woman.

Some women choose to be nuns or celibate for other reasons. Some women chose to marry and have children. Some women simply want to be sluts. For this woman, my goal is to be a totally fuckable bad ass sissy whore. I regard my identity as being ‘who I am.’ My identity is not about what I do. Just as women have a wide range of options for how they may choose to use their bodies, I reserve the right to use my body as I please. And it is my pleasure to use it as a totally fuckable bad ass sissy whore.

I am sure that if you asked 100 women the best thing about being a woman that a good number of them would say getting fucked by men. Or maybe not. All I really know is that for me what I most want as a woman is to get fucked by men who want me so badly that they are willing to pay money for my sissy ass. And for me it is a sissy ass. I can not give up my pussy to men except so much as they regard my asshole as my boy pussy. I must learn how to bring it back. I must work on getting myself the best ass I can have. This means exercises and supplements and maybe even surgeries. Anything I can do to have a great ass for men to fuck.

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