If you are like me, it is not unlikely that you spend too much time watching videos that (in the interest of keeping it simple) do nothing for you. You may come away from some of these videos seeing them as a waste of your time. At best the videos are well-done and entertaining to watch, but they are not motivating. They do not speak to you.

In my effort to put my sissy-training-video watching to better use I am creating videos that speak more directly to me. I was not yet in grade school when I first decided I wanted to be a girl. I started crossdressing when I was ten years old. Like many crossdressers, my life has been a roller-coaster ride of acceptance and denial. However the desire to be a girl, a woman, never went away. While it would be a bit of an overstatement, almost every day of my life I have found some new reason why being a woman would have been so much better.

My personal story is relevant at this time because sissy training videos are too often about cock and getting fucked and eating cum. I crave cock. I want to be fucked. I will eat and enjoy eating cum. But those were not the fantasies of a four year old boy. I knew nothing about these desires at the age of ten. I was thirty nine years old before I finally accepted that I wanted the sex life of a woman. My desires as a sissy go back over half a century. My personal videos are a reflection of all of my fantasies over the entire length of my life. They are less about the sexual pleasures I enjoy as a woman and more about reminding myself of the life I wanted to live so that I will not squander what life I have left.

If you enjoy one of my videos, I suspect you will find several to your liking. However I fully expect that some will find them a bit too ‘softcore’ to their hardcore preferences. They are what they are. I am who I am.

It should also be noted that my personal videos will often focus on my personal goals. I have a goal of being fucked by 500 different men over the next few years. Or to be a bit more accurate I have a goal of being fucked by at least one man on at least 500 days over the next few years. It is also my goal to be a whore and yes I mean that as in ‘Show me the money.’ These may not be your goals.