I was eighteen years old when I started living my life as a man. It would be twenty-one years before I would give up on any hope that I could ever be a man. Growing up I was always thankful that I had a small penis — easier to keep it hidden under a skirt or dress. While there are men who wish I had a bigger penis — like the shemales they see in porn — but more often or not when hooked up with a man, he knows I am exclusively a bottom so my small size is rarely an issue. However, at age eighteen, at that point of time when I wanted to be a man, I knew I was a loser and I knew I was a loser with a small dick. This was not helpful for my dating life and as for my sex life I was still a virgin (as Glen) when I had sex with my wife-to-be one night after a movie date.

There came a point in our marriage where she lost all respect for me and she would often remind me that had a small dick. One of her favorite lines was to say ‘You know I have to be the only woman in this whole fucking world who would marry you. What a big mistake.’

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