My Sissy Training: Becoming Fuckable

Allow me to begin by suggesting a very unscientific breakdown of men. I will suggest they fall into three categories. There are the men who would never fuck a sissy. Then there are the men who are quite willing to fuck sissies. And then there is the third category of men. These are the men who if asked would never fuck a sissy. However, when they find themselves in the company of a sissy might be tempted to fuck her. When I speak of Becoming Fuckable I am largely speaking of this group. However I do need to make one more disclaimer. Of the two categories of men who want to fuck me or might fuck me they fall into two groups — those who want me to be a slut and those willing to accept that I am a whore.

For the last four-and-a-half years, I have been playing an online adult role-playing game called Red Light Center.  For about half of that time I have worked as a working girl on the game.  As a working girl, I was making myself available to men who wanted to fuck if they paid me for the fuck using the game’s on-game currency.  I decided to  become a working girl because within a very short time on the game I came to realize that most of the men on the game seemed to want me to be a slut.  They wanted me to fuck simply because they wanted to fuck me.  I got tired of arguing when I said ‘No’ so I became a working girl so I could say ‘Yes’ if they were willing to pay.

It is amazing how many of the men on the game would see that I was a working girl and asked me ‘What time do you get off work?”  This of course was there way of saying I want to fuck me because you are a slut but not so much I am willing to pay for it.  Some of them would even suggest that should I ever be horny I should give them a call and they would ‘take care of me.’

There were also those men who would try to shame me into fucking.  ‘I would never pay for it.’   This is simply another way of saying “No woman should ever sell her ass.’  I do not want to become too philosophical here.  But the truth of the matter is that sex, even sex with a slut, is rarely free.  Men buy themselves sport cars to attract pussy, cologne, tight jeans.  They send women gifts of flowers or jewelry.  They may buy them dinner or a beer or take them out to a movie or a show.  They may even pay high cover charges to get into clubs where the pussy can be found.  On Red Light Center the only way to pay for pussy was by buying a whore.  Now of course there are other options in terms of gifts but for the most part even the pussy is free or you are fucking a working girl.

I mention all of this because to a certain extent most of the men on Red Light Center are not unlike many of the men who can be found on Craigslist or hiding in the corners of gay bars checking out the crossdressers and transgender women.  They want a slut.  They want the pussy, or in my case the asshole, that is free.  And to that extent it is less about the sissy they want to fuck than about the sissy who is willing to fuck.  For me, the ‘wanting’ is the true barometer of whether or not I am fuckable.  If a man wants me badly enough that he is willing to pay for my ass, either directly because I am a whore or indirectly because he is treating not unlike the way a man treats a woman he wants to fuck, that defines me as a truly fuckable whore.



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