Becoming The Best Sissy You Can Be

Watching a sissy training video should be first and foremost a journey of self-discovery. The best sissy training videos are not the ones with the most stars or that have been viewed the most by other. The best sissy training videos are the ones that speak directly to you. While what it means to be a sissy may have some common themes for all the sissies who visit this page, there are sissies who have no interest in serving men. They may love dressing in sissy dresses with petticoats or maybe they like wearing diapers and sucking on a lollipop. And just as there are sissies who have no interest in sucking cock or getting fucked, every sissy who visit this website comes here with their own sissy desires and needs and fantasies and yes maybe even doubts and fears and shame.


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It is my goal to make this website a more personal, more individualized experience. Each video page now includes a favorites link. When you find a video you find particularly useful or enjoyable simply select the Favorite button under the video and it will be added to Your Favorites page. You can view your list of favorites at any time by selected any of the four sissy training focus links on the menubar and Your Favorites will be first link option.

NEW!!!!  Submit Your Own Blog Post.  Tell Your Own Story.

I also encourage all visitors to this sissy training website to register as an user of this website. It is free. Upon registration you will be able to choose whether it is your preference to simply be a subscriber to the website or an contributors. Contributors will be allowed to write their own blog post. At a minimum the first three of your posts will be subject to approval before they will appear on the website. At that time, in most cases, you will be upgraded to an author status and your post will appear as soon as you publish them. I encourage all sissies and their admirers to use this option as a mean of adding sissy training videos that find on other website to these pages. My preference is that you use Pornhub and Hypnotube only for the videos you embed. If you embed a video from another site I may replace it with a Pornhub/Hypnotube code instead if I can fine it on these websites. [Why the limitations? Frankly I have visited too many pornsites that are traps for viruses and redirects. I prefer to stick with these two websites that I know and trust and that together offer thousands of training videos.]