I Exist For Cock

It is the nature of this blog and of what I am striving to accomplish that I will on occasion show some of my own personal . . bias. Not sure if bias is the right word. However to make my point I feel that each and every sissy should be able to read the title of this blog and say ‘Right on. That is me all the way,’ I do acknowledge that not all sissies may share this sentiment. However I feel that for those who do not this may not be the website for them. While I do have at least one persona that is mostly about being femme and wearing the clothes, ultimately even for her it is all about cock.

Do You Have Your Poppers? Then Time To Fuck

Sissy training video can often be grouped into one of two categories. Most videos like this one are all about inspiration. I am not sure if inspiration is the right word but once you watch this music video you may feel inspired to grab up some poppers and go out on the prowl for a man. Other videos are more instructive or more like a training video. They both have their place of course. At the same time, this video is definitely one for those who are already using poppers.

Katy and Aimee Dress To Be Fucked

This video is a feelgood music video. It features two sexy women getting dressed and checking themsleves out in the mirror.. If you are femme and love feminine lingerie like Marilyn you will enjoy this video. If you are looking for a video with a feelgood soundtrack that you can dance to, then like Barbie you will like this video.